Faster Processing – Same Day Funding

UTP means fast – with Faster Processing! While other payment providers will make you wait days, your funds could be with you in hours with our faster processing system.

How does it work?

Faster Processing is a credit card processing system which significantly reduces the funding delay most businesses experience when taking payment using a card machine or other payment acceptance device.

Transactions processed using Faster Processing will typically be credited to a merchant’s bank account within a few hours compared to most existing solutions which work within a three to four day timeframe.

We are currently the only merchant services provider in the UK to offer Faster Processing which is available in three options:

Intra-Day Funding

Each card transactions is processed and funded individually. Aimed at businesses which average fewer than ten card transactions per day.

End-of-Day Batch Funding

All card transactions from your trading day are aggregated into one batch which is funded as one payment at the end of your trading day.

Designed for businesses which do not want multiple card transaction deposits being made into their bank account.

Hourly Batch Funding

Card transactions are aggregated and funded on an hourly basis.

Designed for businesses with medium to high card throughput which have a requirement for immediate cashflow.

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