Virtual Terminal

Take card payments over the phone using UTP’s easy to use Virtual Terminal!

What is a Virtual Terminal?

Also known as a Virtual Card Machine, this solution is a web-based version of a traditional credit card machine which can be accessed securely from any internet connected web-browser or device such as PC, tablet or smartphone.

Our solution allows you to enter your customer’s credit/debit card details directly into an on-line payment form which will then be used to process the transaction. With one Virtual Terminal you can also have multiple user IDs making the solution ideal for businesses who have a number of employees needing to access a payment system.

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Key Benefits

This solution is great for businesses who need to take orders by phone, fax or by post and because the solution is based on-line, there is no need for hardware or software to be installed.

  • Easy to use
  • Take payments over the phone, mail or fax
  • No hardware or software to be installed
  • Accessible from any web browser
  • Can be used for recurring payments
  • Detailed transaction reporting
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Step 1

Log into your UTP account

Step 2

Enter the customer’s credit/debit card details

Step 3

The payment is sent out to our payment gateway

Step 4

The payment is processed and settled

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