We help business succeed with credit and debit card payments. Our card machines fit around your needs, instore and online. You’ll get paid in hours not days with our free service Faster Processing. Your transactions will be safer with our free service UTP Shield. UTP works with Barclaycard so you can sell with confidence and trust.


Since 2013, UTP has put the needs of business owners at the heart of all we do.
We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for peace of mind.


We created the award-winning service Faster Processing, which lets merchants receive their funds faster than any other provider.



Our flagship security software UTP Shield was developed to cover instore and online payment protection without interruption. Both of these are free to our customers.

Our credit and debit card machines are trusted by thousands of businesses because of their speed, simplicity and security.

By 2023 we had deployed over 68,000 devices and signed over 52,000 merchants in the ten years that saw card payments grow to 57% of all transactions.

Innovation is important to us. In an industry that never stops changing, we change with it.

This is why we have the UTP app for our customers to manage our products from just their phone. We have eCommerce and Virtual Terminal, and we have tapeeno app, the tap to pay contactless payment solution for micro-business and freelancers.

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